Calor Gas

Your local, approved Calor Gas retailer stocking Propane, Butane and Patio Gas. Please note that for most sizes you will require an empty cylinder to exchange.

Please contact us for Gas availability

Winter Fuel Store Carol Propane Gas

Propane Gas

Propane gas bottles are available in a range of sizes for exchange, and are ideal for a range of heating and cooking requirements where natural gas is not available including commercial catering, mobile homes and caravanning.

£28.25 - £98.00

6KG = £28.25
13 KG = £41.00
19 KG = £47.00
47 KG = £98.00

Winter Fuel Store Calor Patio & BBQ Propane Gas

Patio & BBQ Gas

Patio Gas is ideal for your patio heaters and as BBQ gas for barbecues, making it the perfect solution during the long summer evenings.

£25.75 - £54.00

5 KG = £25.75
13 KG = £54.00

Butane Gas

Calor Butane gas bottles are available for exchange in a range of sizes and are perfect for all of your camping, caravanning and portable heating requirements.

£30.00 - £49.00

7 KG = £30.00
12 KG = £39.50
15 KG = £49.00