A variety of kiln dried logs are available for your open fires, wood burning stoves and multi fuel appliances.
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Winter Fuel Store Homefire Kiln Dried Logs

Homefire Kiln Dried Logs

£22.50 – £180.00
Homefire kiln dried birch logs are a quality product, they are easy to light and provide a natural flame and high temperature, an excellent performing firewood. The logs have a...
Winter Fuel Store British Kiln Dried Logs

British Kiln Dried Logs

British kiln dried logs from Certainly Wood are a mix of Oak, Ash and Beech, 100% ‘Ready to Burn’. These premium kiln dried logs (less than 20% moisture) give a...
Winter Fuel Store Flaming Firewood Kiln Dried Logs

Flaming Firewood

Flaming Firewood from Certainly Wood is a small bag (10kg approx) of mixed sized kiln dried logs. They are mis-shaped, small and large logs which did not make the grade...