Kindling from sustainable sources and waste wood products. Firelighters, standard and eco made from bees wax and straw.

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Winter Fuel Store Kindling


£5.00 – £8.00
Kindling helps you get your fire off to a roaring start! Ultra dry, seasoned firewood kindling is packed in a convenient size in a breathable bag. Ideal for lighting any...
Winter Fuel Store Flamers Firelighters

Flamers Firelighters

£7.50 – £14.00
Flamers from Certainly Wood are made in Britain out of ‘Wood Wool’ and dipped in wax to provide a longer and easier burn. They are made from natural untreated wood...
Winter Fuel Store Eco Firelighters

Eco Firelighters

£4.00 – £6.00
Twizlers from Homefire are a natural, untreated wood wool firelighter. The fine wood wool shavings are dipped in wax, easy to light with a long burn time. Ideal for starting...