Your local, approved Calor Gas retailer stocking Propane, Butane and Camping Gaz.
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Winter Fuel Store Carol Propane Gas

Propane Gas

£29.00 – £98.00
Propane gas bottles are available in a range of sizes for exchange, and are ideal for a range of heating and cooking requirements where natural gas is not available including...
Butane Gas

Butane Gas

£32.00 – £52.50
Calor Butane gas bottles are available for exchange in a range of sizes and are perfect for all of your camping, caravanning and portable heating requirements.
Winter Fuel Store Calor Patio & BBQ Propane Gas

Patio & BBQ Gas

£26.50 – £55.00
Patio Gas is ideal for your patio heaters and as BBQ gas for barbecues, making it the perfect solution during the long summer evenings.